Wildlife Day

Wildlife Day - Wednesday, September 4, 2024


Every year we lose numerous species to the growth and expansion of human holdings, but through the effort of zoos, sanctuaries, and preservation organizations that rate is being slowed. These groups do amazing work, educating and bringing awareness to people everywhere, all while preserving these precious treasures from Mother Nature. Wildlife Day reminds us that there are creatures out there that cannot speak for themselves, so we have to stand up and be a voice for them. The animals will thank you for it, as will the generations to come who will still be able to enjoy them!

History of Wildlife Day

In September of 2006, the world suffered a terrible loss. Steve Irwin, known colloquially as “The Crocodile Hunter”, died in an encounter with a sting ray that went horribly awry.

These normally docile and peaceful creatures pack a powerful punch in their tail, and instead of swimming away as Steve expected, it instead attacked him with its stinger. After hundreds of strikes, Steve believed he had sustained only a punctured lung, but the stinger had actually managed to pierce his heart causing him to bleed out. So passed an amazing man from the world.

What does this have to do with Wildlife Day? Steve Irwin was an expert on animals, and spent much of his career working to bring attention to endangered species and aid conservation.

In his honor Wildlife Day reminds us that the animals of the world are a precious resource, and of the many zoos, sanctuaries, conservatories, and organizations that work together every year to help preserve them for future generations.

If we don’t start taking care of them now, we’re going to lose them. Once an animal has gone extinct, they’re lost forever to future generations, it’s our responsibility not to let that happen.

How to celebrate Wildlife Day

Thankfully there are plenty of options to help support endangered animals, and Wildlife Day is a great opportunity to get out and do it! Almost every community has animal sanctuaries and zoos nearby, so take a trip with you, your family, and friends out to enjoy their exhibits.

While you’re there see what you can do to donate time and/or money, or even just spread the word about drives they’re doing. You can even contact them ahead of time and work to help them organize an event, you can even go to the local library to hand out flyers to spread awareness!

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