Bundt Cake Day

Bundt Cake Day - Friday, November 15, 2024

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Everyone loves a good piece of cake, but the truly enlightened know that there is no better cake than the bundt cake. The very shape of it speaks of a certain fancifulness that brings a bit of elegance to any affair it is brought to. The bundt cake doesn’t indicate any particular recipe used in its creation but instead speaks of its distinctive shape, a ring-shaped cake that can come in any number of configurations. If you love the whimsical shape of a bundt cake, then Bundt Cake Day is the holiday for you.

History of Bundt Cake Day

The bundt cake pan was designed to help aid in the preparation of the cake, as the ring-like shape aids in creating an even cooking surface that allows heat to be distributed better throughout the whole. Aside from this one distinguishing feature, a bundt cake it merely a cake made in a bundt pan. Since the design first became popular the bundt cake pan has been used for all sorts of culinary treats, including jello molds, cakes, ice cream, and even certain concoctions of fruit. When a cake is prepared in a bundt cake pan, however, there are certain traditional methods of preparation that tend to take precedence, in part as a way of illustrating the inherent beauty of the pan.

One such tradition is the drizzling of frosting or powdered sugar as a topping, rather than a heavy frosting, though all too often they are served undecorated. Bundt cakes are also a favorite of those who like to create multicolored cakes, as it can be used to produce the most beautiful designs. It wasn’t until David and Mark Alquist, aspiring American businessmen, took steps to increase the popularity of the bundt cake that it finally came into its own. They carried it for nearly 20 years, having very poor sales until the winner of a Pillsbury Bake-Off created a ‘Tunnel of Fudge’ cake that resulted in nearly 200,000 requests for the pan.

How To Celebrate Bundt Cake Day

Celebrating bundt cake day is best done in the most simple of ways, making a cake in a bundt pan. We suggest a lemon cake drizzled with a light lemon-frosting and lemon zest for a start, a certain crowd pleasure if your recipients have a love of citrus. Get together with your friends and family to share bundt cake recipes and the joy of Bundt Cake Day.

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