National Teen Self-Esteem Month

National Teen Self-Esteem Month - May 2024

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There’s no better time to inspire confidence in high school and middle school students than National Teen Self-Esteem Month. In May, we make an extra effort to counter self-worth and self-image problems teens may face. Sponsored by I Am Worth More, a nonprofit that connects teens to resources and helps them increase their positive entertainment intake, National Teen Self-Esteem Month unites teens, parents, and teachers all around the country. We come together to focus on the importance of supporting teens—helping them voice their needs, share their perspectives, and build a healthy outlook of themselves.

Ways Teens Can Become The Best Versions Of Themselves

  1. Accept yourself

    As Christina Aguilera once said, "you are beautiful no matter what they say."

  2. Love the people around you

    Because your family, friends, and teammates love you right back.

  3. Eat healthy

    When you fill your body with healthy, wholesome food, your mind will feel good, too.

  4. Excerise

    Exercise makes you happier, healthier, and helps you stay connected with your body and mind.

  5. Respect the planet

    When you take care of the Earth, it inspires you to take care of yourself.

National Teen Self-Esteem Month Activities

  1. Attend An Event

    From improv classes to self-esteem rallies, there are plenty of activities for teens during National Self-Esteem Awareness Month. You can also start your own event, program, or workshop and register it on their website!

  2. Write a Nice Note to a Teen You Know

    Nothing shows teen family members or friends how much you care than heartfelt words of support. Whether it's a letter or a text, let them know how much they rock.

  3. Take the 31 Day Challenge

    Every day, write a quick social media post with one tip teens can do to become the best versions of themselves—I Am Worth More has some great ideas to help you get started—like eating healthy, respecting the planet, and exercising.

Why We Love National Teen Self-Esteem Month

  1. Teens Need All the Love They Can Get

    Low self esteem can lead to serious health problems like depression and eating disorders. National Teen Self-Esteem Month addresses these issues at the root to stop their development before they begin.

  2. Anyone Can Support the Cause

    From local schools to major brands, it's easy to sponsor National Teen Self Esteem Month and show your commitment to building confidence in young adults.

  3. Teens Are Our Future Leaders

    Inner strength and confidence need time to develop. Teens are the next generation of public servants, doctors, and entrepreneurs, which means we need to do everything we can to help them identify a healthy sense of self-worth while they're young.

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