Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month - September 2024

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Founded by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983, Baby Safety Month (BSM) occurs every September and offers a great chance for parents and retailers to brush up on baby-proof safety standards and tips. Every year, JPMA offers toolkits to manufacturers, retailers, doctors, and parents to help educate them on childhood safety. Babies aren’t the only ones going through a huge learning curve in life – the rest of us often need to brush up on our skills in order to ensure no accidents occur.

History of Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month was introduced by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983 with “Expectant Mother’s Day.” In 1986, the day was increased to a week of celebration of baby safety. In 1988, the official spokeswoman for the week was actress Jayne Kennedy.

In 1991, the weeklong celebration officially became a month. Throughout the early 90s, JMPA started engaging more retailers in BSM and urged them to market their safest products during this time. Each year a chosen retailer who marketed their safe products won JPMA’s award, and at the 15-year anniversary in 1998, the theme was safe sleeping practices and Babies R Us in Oxnard, CA was the winner.

By 2005, the advent of the internet had made baby safety information more accessible than ever. It was this year that JPMA first made their materials for retailers downloadable on their website. 

The state governments of California and Nevada became involved in 2009 when the Nevada governor provided a certificate of recognition acknowledging JMPA’s Certification week, and the California governor issued a resolution to observe Baby Safety Month. 

Safe sleeping practices again became the focus of Baby Safety Month in 2010. JPMA helped educate retailers and parents on safe sleeping practices from naptime to nighttime with a 5-city education and sleep product tour.

Through the 2010s, JPMA has increasingly offered baby safety information, toolkits, and certifications to retailers and parents who are concerned about the safety of the products used around their children. Their campaign changes its focus yearly, increasingly adopts a social media presence, and has won awards for their levels of public engagement.

Baby Safety Month timeline


Baby-Safe Laws

Every state had passed a law requiring children to be strapped into a car seat by 1985.


Baby-Safe Playtime

The Toy Safety Act, signed into law by President Nixon, authorized the government to test and ban hazardous toys.


Baby-Safe Car Rides

The first child safety car seat was created by British inventor Jean Ames in 1962.


Baby-Safe Homes

The baby gate was first invented in 1906 and was instrumental in keeping babies out of dangerous parts of the house.

Baby Safety Month FAQs

Are there any good deals for Baby Safety Month?

We didn’t find any deals, but Amazon does create a list of safe baby products for sale in honor of Baby Safety Month.

Are there other National Holidays related to children or parenting?

August 11 is National Son and Daughter’s Day, July 26 is National Parents’ Day, the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day, and of course, May 10 is Mother’s Day. There are plenty of days to celebrate the family you have!

Where is Baby Safety Month observed?

It is not a National holiday but is mostly observed throughout the United States.

​5 Cute Tips For The Safest Baby Ever

  1. Soft Snacks Only

    Harder foods present a choking hazard for babies - make sure their food is soft and easy to swallow.

  2. Medicine Isn’t a Spoonful of Sugar

    Beware of teaching children that medicine is candy, as this could lead to them taking your medicine when you aren’t around.

  3. Don’t Toss the Baby

    Shaking a baby or tossing him in the air can cause blindness or brain damage.

  4. Watch for Broken Toys

    Even very baby-safe toys can present a hazard if broken. Be on the lookout for any of your child’s toys that have been damaged or come apart - make sure all pieces/toys are larger than the child’s mouth.

  5. Baby Gates Everywhere!

    Baby gates can be heavily employed to keep babies away from the many things that pose hazards to them - drawers with sharp objects, rooms with open electrical sockets, pools, and more.

How to Observe Baby Safety Month

  1. Spread awareness on social media

    Get #BabySafetyMonth trending with other parents or professionals who work with babies, and you may just save a life. Babies grow rapidly and so do their needs, so spreading awareness of this month is helpful for all parents struggling to keep up and maintain a safe environment for their child. Plus, you can post a photo of your baby with the hashtag, which, to be honest, you were going to do anyway.

  2. Educate yourself

    JPMA offers many toolkits for baby safety, specific to what you’re looking for. Their pages range from covering the basics to detailing how to assess product safety and buckle in a car seat. There’s nothing lacking for new parents and those who work with children! Once you’ve read up on what does and doesn’t pose a threat to your baby, do a daily check to make sure your environment and products stay safe to use.

  3. Invest in safe baby products!

    As much as most manufacturers strive for safety, there’s a chance that not every item in your home is baby-proof. Read up on what poses a threat to your bundle of joy, and make sure it’s far out of reach or locked away. Then, go out and research a new fun product for your baby that meets all required safety standards! Peace of mind knowing your child is safe is invaluable.

Why Baby Safety Month is Important

  1. Babies are the cutest!

    Who doesn’t want to make their little angel safer? Babies melt nearly everyone’s heart and are always a symbol of innocence, love, and new beginnings. Using this month to dedicate a little extra time and love to our babies is just fine by us.

  2. Sometimes, parents need some help

    Even if you have the best parenting instincts on Earth, caring for a new life that depends entirely upon you is not an easy feat. The best intentions can’t stand up to ignorance, so parents should use Baby Safety Month as an opportunity to educate themselves on the products they purchase. Greater awareness of the risks in your home and life can only lead to a safer and healthier life for your child.

  3. It’s a great excuse to invest in quality baby equipment!

    Every parent has an equipment wish list, and now they can be assured each item on it is as safe as possible. Let’s be honest, the hand-me-down high chair is more than a little ratty, and according to the standards for baby equipment you’ve learned about, it might not even be safe. This is the perfect excuse to splurge on the nice one, the one that even somewhat goes with the kitchen decor… what, can’t safety look good, too?

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