The Latest List of Awareness Holidays 2023

We Love Awareness Holidays! Here are 89 Awareness holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 11 Thursday
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day National Human Trafficking Awareness Day AwarenessCivil Rights
January 27 Saturday
International Holocaust Remembrance Day International Holocaust Remembrance Day FederalAwarenessEducationalHistoricalJewish
March 8 Friday
International Women's Day International Women's Day CauseAwarenessCareersWomen
March 16 Saturday
National Panda Day National Panda Day AnimalAwarenessChineseWildlife
March 21 Thursday
International Day of Forests International Day of Forests EnvironmentalAwarenessEducational
World Down Syndrome Day World Down Syndrome Day HealthAwarenessEducational
April 2 Tuesday
World Autism Awareness Day World Autism Awareness Day HealthAwarenessMental Health
April 7 Sunday
World Health Day World Health Day HealthAwareness
April 14 Sunday
RAINN Day RAINN Day CauseAwarenessHealthMental Health
April 22 Monday
Earth Day Earth Day CauseAwarenessEnvironment
April 29 Monday
International Guide Dog Day International Guide Dog Day AnimalAwarenessDogPet
May 13 Monday
Fair Trade Day Fair Trade Day InternationalSpecial InterestConsumer AwarenessFarmingGlobalGlobal FocusShoppingSocial ChangeSustainability
June 23 Sunday
National Hydration Day National Hydration Day HealthAwarenessFitnessLifestyleSports
June 27 Thursday
National PTSD Awareness Day National PTSD Awareness Day Awareness
July 11 Thursday
World Population Day World Population Day CauseAwarenessConservationEducationalEnvironmentGlobal FocusUN
July 14 Sunday
National Nude Day National Nude Day CauseAwarenessCrazyEducationalFunHistoricalSummer
July 28 Sunday
World Hepatitis Day World Hepatitis Day HealthAwarenessEducationalGlobal FocusInternational
August 1 Thursday
DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs DOGust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs AnimalAwarenessDogPet
August 9 Friday
National Women's Day National Women's Day CauseAwarenessWomen
August 12 Monday
International Youth Day International Youth Day CauseAwarenessChildrenEducational
August 15 Thursday
International Homeless Animals Day International Homeless Animals Day AnimalAwarenessBirdCatDogPet
August 19 Monday
World Humanitarian Day World Humanitarian Day CauseAwareness
August 20 Tuesday
World Mosquito Day World Mosquito Day Awareness
September 5 Thursday
International Day of Charity International Day of Charity CauseAwarenesscharityCivic
September 8 Sunday
International Literacy Day International Literacy Day CauseActivitiesAwarenessEducationalWriting
September 15 Sunday
International Day of Democracy International Day of Democracy CauseAwarenessFederal
September 17 Tuesday
National Pet Bird Day National Pet Bird Day AnimalAwarenessPetPet Health
September 21 Saturday
International Day of Peace International Day of Peace CauseAwarenessFederal
September 22 Friday
Falls Prevention Awareness Day Falls Prevention Awareness Day HealthAwarenessElderly
September 26 Tuesday
National Mesothelioma Awareness Day National Mesothelioma Awareness Day HealthAwarenessEducational
October 2 Monday
International Day of Non-Violence International Day of Non-Violence CauseAwarenessHealthMental Health
October 13 Friday
National Stop Bullying Day National Stop Bullying Day Awareness
National No Bra Day National No Bra Day CauseAwarenessBreast cancerEducationalHealth
October 15 Sunday
Global Handwashing Day Global Handwashing Day HealthAwarenessEducational
October 16 Monday
World Food Day World Food Day CauseAwarenessFood
October 19 Thursday
World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day HealthAwareness
October 20 Friday
World Osteoporosis Day World Osteoporosis Day HealthAwareness
October 22 Sunday
International Stuttering Awareness Day International Stuttering Awareness Day HealthAwarenessEducational
October 29 Sunday
World Psoriasis Day World Psoriasis Day HealthAwarenessEducational
November 13 Monday
World Kindness Day World Kindness Day CauseAwarenessFriendshipMental Health
November 14 Tuesday
World Diabetes Day World Diabetes Day HealthAwarenesseducation
November 15 Wednesday
National Philanthropy Day National Philanthropy Day CauseAwarenessCivic
National Recycling Day National Recycling Day EnvironmentalAwarenessEducationalEnvironment
November 16 Thursday
International Day For Tolerance International Day For Tolerance CauseAwarenessFriendship
November 20 Monday
Transgender Day of Remembrance Transgender Day of Remembrance CauseAwarenessEducationalLGBTQ
November 21 Tuesday
Great American Smokeout Great American Smokeout HealthAwareness
November 26 Sunday
World Lewis Day World Lewis Day CauseAwarenessWildlife
November 30 Thursday
National Computer Security Day National Computer Security Day Special InterestAwarenessEducationalSafetyTechnology
December 1 Friday
World AIDS Day World AIDS Day HealthAwarenessEducational
December 3 Sunday
National Disability Day National Disability Day CauseAwarenessEducational
December 6 Wednesday
National Miners Day National Miners Day CareerAwarenessCareersWork
December 14 Thursday
Monkey Day Monkey Day CauseAwarenessWildlife
March 1 Friday
National Caffeine Awareness Month National Caffeine Awareness Month HealthAwarenessBeverageEducationalMental Health
National Kidney Month National Kidney Month HealthAwarenessEducational
National Social Work Month National Social Work Month Awareness
Poison Prevention Awareness Month Poison Prevention Awareness Month CauseAwarenessEducationalHealth
March 10 Sunday
Poison Prevention Week Poison Prevention Week HealthAwarenessEducational
April 1 Monday
Distracted Driving Awareness Month Distracted Driving Awareness Month CauseAwarenessHealth
National Internship Awareness Month National Internship Awareness Month CareerAwarenessCareersWork
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Sexual Assault Awareness Month HealthAwarenessMental Health
Stress Awareness Month Stress Awareness Month HealthAwarenessMental Health
June 1 Saturday
Pride Month Pride Month CauseAwarenessCulturalFamilyFestivalsLGBTQLove
July 5 Friday
Be Nice to Jersey Week Be Nice to Jersey Week CauseAwarenessLoveObscure
August 1 Thursday
National Immunization Awareness Month National Immunization Awareness Month HealthAwareness
September 1 Friday
Baby Safety Month Baby Safety Month FamilyAwarenessChildrenParentsSafety
Liptember Liptember AwarenessMental Health
National Cholesterol Education Month National Cholesterol Education Month HealthAwarenessEducational
National Learning and Development Month National Learning and Development Month EducationAwarenessEducational
National Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month National Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month HealthAwarenessseptember
National Suicide Prevention Month National Suicide Prevention Month HealthAwarenessEducationalMental Health
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month HealthAwarenessEducationalWomen
World Alzheimer's Month World Alzheimer's Month HealthAwarenessEducationalMental Health
World Candle Month World Candle Month InternationalSpecial InterestAwarenessLifestyle
September 8 Sunday
Balance Awareness Week Balance Awareness Week HealthAwarenessEducational
National Assisted Living Week National Assisted Living Week HealthAwarenessCareersEducationalMental Health
National Eczema Week National Eczema Week HealthAwarenessEducational
‚ÄčNational Rehabilitation Awareness Week ‚ÄčNational Rehabilitation Awareness Week HealthAwarenessCareers
October 5 Thursday
Fungal Disease Awareness Week Fungal Disease Awareness Week HealthAwarenessEducational
October 15 Sunday
National Retirement Security Week National Retirement Security Week FinancialAwarenessElderly
November 1 Wednesday
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness Month HealthAwarenessDiseasesEducational
Diabetic Eye Disease Month Diabetic Eye Disease Month HealthAwarenessDiseasesEducational
National Diabetes Month National Diabetes Month HealthAwarenessDiseasesEducational
National Epilepsy Awareness Month National Epilepsy Awareness Month HealthAwarenessEducational
National Healthy Skin Month National Healthy Skin Month HealthAwarenessEducational
November 8 Wednesday
World Antibiotic Awareness Week World Antibiotic Awareness Week HealthAwarenessEducational
November 14 Tuesday
GERD Awareness Week GERD Awareness Week HealthAwarenessDiseasesEducational
December 1 Friday
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month HealthAwareness
November 28 Tuesday
National Handwashing Awareness Week National Handwashing Awareness Week HealthAwareness
December 1 Friday
Universal Human Rights Month Universal Human Rights Month CauseAwarenessHealth
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