National Umbrella Month

National Umbrella Month - March 2024


How would we survive one of the rainiest months in the year without the ultimate hand-held weather accessory? A fairly new holiday, Thomas Edward Knibb began celebrating March as National Umbrella Month back in 2013. As the world realized just how underrated umbrellas really are, the idea to celebrate them for an entire month starting catching on—and we’ve never looked back.

National Umbrella Month timeline


National Umbrella Month Created

We've been celebrating it ever since.


Modern Umbrella Invented

Samuel Fox invented the first steel-rimmed umbrella.


Umbrellas Shield Europe

Europeans began using umbrellas to help shield against the rain.

2000 B.C.

China Adopts Umbrellas

The Chinese began using parasols to combat the harsh effects of the sun.

National Umbrella Month Activities

  1. Make a DIY umbrella

    Raid your craft drawer for stencils, sponges, craft paint, and painter's tape. Then, go crazy creating the umbrella of your dreams. Whether you stick to sleek and sophisticated stripes or crazy, colored polka-dots, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Host an umbrella charity drive

    Help out individuals in your community who are less fortunate by hosting a month-long umbrella drive. Make posters and create event pages on social media platforms to raise awareness. Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to donate. At the end of the month, head down to a local agency that accepts donated items so that you can give all of your umbrellas new owners.

  3. Do a photoshoot

    Gather a couple of your closest friends and head outdoors to do an umbrella photoshoot. Bring along a few different styles of umbrellas to be used as props, and spend a couple of hours exercising your creativity.

Why We Love National Umbrella Month

  1. Umbrellas are incredibly versatile

    Heading to the beach, walking to your car in the pouring rain, trying to keep the sun out of your eyes while golfing—these are just a couple examples of the many different uses for umbrellas. No matter what the weather condition is, you can probably find a way to make an umbrella useful.

  2. Umbrellas help protect your skin

    Studies have shown that carrying an umbrella around on a sunny day can help to minimize exposure to UV rays. The color black typically does the best job filtering out the harmful rays, but unless you're carrying around a clear umbrella, using something is better than nothing. Sun protection for the win!

  3. Umbrellas make great fashion accessories

    Umbrellas aren't only functional, but they can also make quite a fashion statement. These handheld accessories make for great props during photoshoots, and they often make runway appearances.

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