Vegetarian Month

Vegetarian Month - October 2024

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Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, there are a lot of excellent reasons to participate in Vegetarian Month this October. By definition, a vegetarian is a person who decides to abstain from meat whether it be for health, religious, or moral reasons. We’ve collected some ideas that will help you celebrate Vegetarian Month, and you’ll even find out why we love this month. Interested in purchasing a vegetarian-themed gift? We’ve got that covered too.

Vegetarian Month timeline


"The Vegetarian Epicure"

Writer Anna Thomas published a classic cookbook highlighting the beauty of meatless dishes.


Political clout

The American Vegetarian Party formed in hopes of finding a candidate to participate in the U.S. presidential elections.


The vegetarian movement

William Alcott (a relative of "Little Women" author Louisa May Alcott) helped start the first vegetarian organization in the country — the American Vegetarian Society.


"Vegetarianism" in vogue

Instead of referring to someone who abstained from meat as a "Pythagorean," the term "vegetarian" came into existence.

3rd Century BC

"On Abstinence from Animal Food"

Greek philosopher Porphyry wrote a book boasting about the benefits of a meatless diet

5 Reasons To Go Vegetarian

  1. Sex appeal

    Research indicates that abstaining from red meat may enhance the sex appeal of male pheromones.

  2. Smart people eat their vegetables

    You may have studied his famous Pythagorean theorem, but did you know that Greek philosopher Pythagoras was a devout vegetarian?

  3. Protein punch

    Plants provide 10 times more protein per acre than meat.

  4. Ben Franklin went meatless

    Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian, although he went back to eating meat later in life.

  5. Vegetarianism is popular in India

    India has the highest percentage of vegetarians when compared to all other countries (roughly 30 percent of the population).

How to Observe Vegetarian Month

  1. Participate in "Meatless Monday"

    Many dietary experts urge us to cut back on animal products. On Mondays during the month of October, make it a point to whip up a vegetarian dish for dinner.

  2. Take a veggie-based cooking class

    Cooking classes are a fun way to learn some new skills in the kitchen. To celebrate Vegetarian Month, why not learn how to make dishes without using any meat?

  3. Plant an indoor garden

    For some of us, the month of October can get pretty chilly, so consider taking your green thumb indoors. An indoor garden helps ensure that you'll have some fresh herbs and veggies to use throughout the winter.

Why Vegetarian Month is Important

  1. A vegetarian diet may lead to a longer life

    Not all vegetarians live a healthy lifestyle, but studies have indicated that a vegetarian diet may help prevent some serious diseases.

  2. Meat is expensive

    While eating a vegetarian diet won't necessarily slash the cost of your grocery bill, there's a chance you'll see some savings if you go a couple of weeks without purchasing expensive animal products.

  3. Vegetarian dishes are delicious

    Guacamole, veggie pizza, french fries, hummus, ice cream sundaes — count us in for all of them!

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