The Latest List of Healthy Food Holidays 2024

We Love Healthy Food Holidays! Here are 36 Healthy Food holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 11 Saturday
National Milk Day National Milk Day Food & BeverageBeverageHealthy Food
January 24 Friday
National Green Juice Day National Green Juice Day Food & BeverageHealthHealthy Food
February 3 Monday
National Carrot Cake Day National Carrot Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertHealthy Food
February 27 Tuesday
National Protein day National Protein day Food & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodPasta
March 7 Thursday
National Cereal Day National Cereal Day Food & BeverageHealthy FoodPop Culture
March 26 Tuesday
National Spinach Day National Spinach Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
April 30 Tuesday
National Raisin Day National Raisin Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
May 13 Monday
International Hummus Day International Hummus Day Food & BeverageInternationalFoodHealthy FoodMediterranean FoodVegetable
National Fruit Cocktail Day National Fruit Cocktail Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthHealthy Food
May 17 Friday
National Walnut Day National Walnut Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodNuts
June 1 Saturday
National Olive Day National Olive Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthy Food
June 3 Monday
National Egg Day National Egg Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFoodHealthHealthy Food
June 10 Monday
National Iced Tea Day National Iced Tea Day Food & BeverageBeverageHealthHealthy Food
June 17 Monday
National Eat Your Vegetables Day National Eat Your Vegetables Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodVegetable
June 18 Tuesday
International Sushi Day International Sushi Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodJapaneseJapanese Food
June 21 Friday
National Smoothie Day National Smoothie Day Food & BeverageFitnessFoodFruitHealthHealthy FoodLifestyleVegetable
July 31 Wednesday
National Avocado Day National Avocado Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFruitHealthy Food
August 22 Thursday
World Plant Milk Day World Plant Milk Day Food & BeverageEnvironmentFoodHealthy Food
September 26 Thursday
Better Breakfast Day Better Breakfast Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFamilyFruitsHealthy FoodLifestyle
October 15 Tuesday
National Mushroom Day National Mushroom Day Food & BeverageHealthy Food
October 29 Tuesday
National Oatmeal Day National Oatmeal Day Food & BeverageHealthy Food
January 1 Wednesday
National Hot Tea Month National Hot Tea Month Food & BeverageBeverageHealthy FoodWinter
National Oatmeal Month National Oatmeal Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthHealthy Food
January 4 Saturday
Folic Acid Awareness Week Folic Acid Awareness Week HealthHealthy Food
February 1 Thursday
National Grapefruit Month National Grapefruit Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
March 1 Friday
National Celery Month National Celery Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
National Nutrition Month National Nutrition Month Food & BeverageEducationalHealthHealthy Food
April 1 Monday
National Soy Foods Month National Soy Foods Month Food & BeverageChinese foodHealthy Food
May 1 Wednesday
National Mediterranean Diet Month National Mediterranean Diet Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salad Month National Salad Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Strawberry Month National Strawberry Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthy Food
June 1 Saturday
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthHealthy FoodVegetable
Turkey Lovers Month Turkey Lovers Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodBBQCookingFoodHealthy Food
September 1 Sunday
Better Breakfast Month Better Breakfast Month Food & BeverageCookingHealthy FoodLifestyle
October 1 Tuesday
Health Literacy Month Health Literacy Month HealthHealthy FoodLifestyleMental Health
Vegetarian Month Vegetarian Month Food & BeverageHealthy FoodMeat