National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - Monday, January 27, 2025

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If bubble wrap makes you think about the exquisite joy of popping noises — or perhaps just moving to a new apartment — you’re already a fan. Show your bubble love on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day January 27 — which America proudly celebrates on the last Monday in January. How did this bubble-licious holiday begin? A radio station once inadvertently unwrapped microphones on the air and listeners loved it! The rest is (bubble) history. So get popping!

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day timeline


The end of popping as we know it

Sealed Air Corp. invented iBubble Wrap — which took all the air out of the product — literally. It came uninflated to keep shipping costs down. The worst part? The bubbles didn't pop even when filled with a pump. Ugh. Luckily, the regular version is alive and well!


Bubble wrap used for shipping — finally!

IBM, sensing an opportunity, used the product to protect the IBM 1401 computer during shipment. By the way, the 1401 is considered to be the Model-T Ford of the computer industry,


Bubble wrap went corporate

The inventors formed the Sealed Air Corporation. They would later wind up in the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame. But that honor didn't come until 1993.


Bubbles on the wall

Two engineers, Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, created the first bubble wrap. They originally tried to sell it as wallpaper — an idea that didn't seem to catch on. They later attempted to market it as greenhouse insulation.

3 Eye-Popping Reasons To Love Bubble Wrap

  1. Bubble wrap helps with stress

    A survey by Sealed Air Corporation supposedly found that one minute spent popping Bubble Wrap relieves as much stress as a 33-minute massage.

  2. Bubble wrap almost became an official toy

    Hate to burst your bubble, but bubble wrap lost in the 2016 National Toy Hall of Fame finals.

  3. There’s an app for wrap

    You can relieve stress by popping virtual bubble wrap 24/7, or you can play one of three games. You can't lose — it's free!

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Craft a bubble wrap outfit

    Create a bubble wrap headband, shawl, hat, and scarf to get into the bubble wrap fashion spirit!

  2. Have a bubble wrap popping competition

    Bring bubble wrap into your office and suggest a popping competition during lunch. If you’re a teacher, bring bubble wrap in for the kids to pop.

  3. Throw a fun and eccentric party

    Go ahead, wrap the tables and chairs. Cups and utensils too! The cat? Probably not a good idea.

Why We Love National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

  1. It protects our most precious belongings

    When you need to wrap delicate pieces, bubble wrap is always the first choice. Your grandmother’s china? That piece of sports memorabilia? If you need to move it, pack it, or ship it, you know bubble wrap will protect it.

  2. It makes shipping so much easier

    Without bubble wrap, shipping fragile items would be a real pain. Luckily, it's always there to ensure your belongings make it to their destination.

  3. It makes moving day easier

    Moving days are stressful. Bubble wraps helps eliminate the fear of breaking things. (And popping bubbles might lighten the mood.)

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