World Breast Pumping Day

World Breast Pumping Day - Monday, January 27, 2025

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There’s a powerful movement among women to reclaim the nurturing and connectedness that comes with breastfeeding. There is no denying that breast milk is, without contestation, the absolute best food available for a growing newborn. It absolutely may not be the best choice for every parent, but it is undoubtedly the best choice for every baby. For the busy mother who cannot accommodate a hungry baby due to other responsibilities, the healthy of breastfeeding can still be brought to their child through pumping breast milk. World Breast Pumping Day champions these women who seek to find a balance between a busy lifestyle and a growing baby.

History of World Breast Pumping Day

In 2017 Snugabell, the company that brought us the PumpEase pumping bra, decided that the breast-pumping women of the world needed a day to celebrate their dedication to breastfeeding and providing their babies with nature’s perfect growth formula through pumping. “World Breast Pumping Day is a day to honor the love in every ounce” reported Wendy Armbruster Bell, the pioneering woman who founded Snugabell.

Breastfeeding makes it possible for women to empower themselves by retaining their autonomy and ability to pursue their careers while still providing nutritious, immune system boosting breast milk to their babies. Breastfeeding is an important experience every woman can share with their child, whether directly or by pumping for their baby. It doesn’t matter how the milk gets there, from the tap or from the bottle, breast milk is what’s best for baby.

How To Celebrate World Breast Pumping Day

The best way to celebrate World Breast Pumping Day is by supporting a breastfeeding mom near you. Raise awareness about the importance of breast milk for healthy growing babies, and that pumping is as good as straight from the breast! Support those who are working to breastfeed, if you own a business set aside space and time for them to pump during the day in privacy. Give them the extra breaks they need and maybe even a special refrigerator for them to store their pumped milk in during the workday. All of these steps can help one busy mom support her children with the most healthy feeding option for infants!

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