Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month - July 2024

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Big Box stores like Walmart and Target are certainly convenient, offering so much of the things we need in one place, and the prices they offer can’t be beat. However, there is a section of our local commerce that brings us a local flavor, a taste of home, and makes sure that your purchases really support your local community.

Independent Retailers are our neighbors, friends, and family, whether they’re running the corner store providing gas to keep us on the move, or local craftsman who bring us the best in cheeses and handcrafted furniture, Independent Retailer Month reminds you to help support them to support your community.

History of Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month was established by Clare Rayner, known throughout the world as “The Retail Champion” to help get local communities working with their local retailers to help keep local money local. There’s been a lot of loss of culture and community throughout the years as big box companies move in and start driving the smaller companies out of business. Without being able to deal in the sheer variety of products and services, and to purchase in the sheer quantities they do and thus getting better prices, the independent retailers are in a significant amount of trouble.

The only way for them to survive is with the support of their community, and the loyalty of these people to their local businesses. Since the creation of Independent Retailer Month, millions of dollar in revenue have been returned to local businesses as people start shopping locally and discovering the hometown feel you get from shopping with your friends and neighbors.

Independent Retailer Month is your opportunity to get in and support your local community, the dream of small business is still alive and well, even with big box stores trying to squash it out of existence.

How to Celebrate Independent Retailer Month

There’s a few ways to celebrate independent retailer month, but the most prominent is getting out there and shopping at local stores and farmers markets. Don’t buy honey from some distant apiary when you can pick it up from your local beekeeper and know that it’s all been born and bred locally.

Milk doesn’t get much fresher than when its purchased from the dairy down the street, and you know that when you buy from a local store, all of that money stays in the community helping to keep the local flavor alive.

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