Sarcoma Awareness Month

Sarcoma Awareness Month - July 2024

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Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with sarcomas, a type of cancer that forms in the connective tissues of the body including fat, blood vessels, nerves, etc. Sarcomas are a rare form of cancer, but no less deadly for their rarity. Research continues on what causes sarcoma and why certain people develop it, and Sarcoma Awareness Month was created to help raise awareness of this disease and all the people it effects.

History of Sarcoma Awareness Month

In November of 2007, a group of advocates came together in Seattle to gather all the sarcoma non-profits under single united effort. Together they determined that the world was in need of a month dedicated to sarcoma awareness. This move was supported by, a collection of sarcoma doctors who were determined to see sarcomas wiped out once and for all, and so Sarcoma Awareness Month was born.

As part of this effort, a petition was sent to the White House with the intent of gathering 100,000 signatures to officially declare July as Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma cases increase by 15,000 a year, and while that’s relatively small compared to some forms of cancer, this form is particularly insidious and lethal. Cancer fighters need the support of organizations and events like this to handle the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis, including facing their mortality and care for their family that often arise thanks to the medications they’re on to fight it.

How To Celebrate Sarcoma Awareness Month

Celebrating Sarcoma Awareness Month starts with education. With these forms of cancers being so rare most people don’t know a lot about them, so spend some time researching sarcomas in all their forms. Then move on to studying how one would recognize the symptoms of a sarcoma so you’ll know to check with a doctor if any of these signs pop up.

From that point forward it’s time to start looking to help those in your community who are already facing this disease by connecting with non-profits in your area. Working with these organizations will help spread information, raise awareness, and generate funds for research and other related charities. Get out there and do your part to help relieve the suffering of those who are facing a sarcoma diagnosis, Sarcoma Awareness Month is your perfect opportunity to do so, and then carry it through the rest of the year.

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