National Music in Our Schools Month

National Music in Our Schools Month - March 2025

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With the continual threat of budget cuts, it’s important now more than ever to recognize the significant influence music education has on school-aged children. The first National Music in Our Schools month took place in New York back in March 1973, and it’s been growing in popularity ever since. We recognize the importance of music education, so join us as we celebrate this important cause. Get your kazoos ready; we’ve gathered up some awesome ways to get your groove on and enjoy the influence of music in our schools.

National Music in Our Schools Month timeline


World’s Largest Concert Renamed

After over 20 years of the same title, the World’s Largest Concert was renamed “The Concert for Music in Our Schools Month.”


World's Largest Concert Held

Schools everywhere are encouraged to participate in a sing-a-long concert that is designed to link up students on an international level.


An Entire Month is Celebrated

National Music in Our Schools officially becomes a month-long initiative.


Music in Our Schools Celebrations Begin

National Music in Our Schools began in New York as a statewide advocacy initiative.

How to Observe National Music in Our Schools Month

  1. Donate to a great cause

    If you feel strongly about the importance of music education, consider helping out the cause with some cash money. There are a ton of different foundations out there that accept donations.

  2. Create a music-themed calendar

    Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just know someone who has a kid, you can impress musical appreciation on today's youth. During the month of March create a music calendar that explores different genres every week. Possible themes include jazz, bluegrass, classic rock, techno, and big band. Make sure to keep it age appropriate—gangsta rap probably shouldn’t be included.

  3. Learn how to play an instrument

    It’s never too late. Even if your school years are long gone, learning how to play an instrument is a great hobby to take up. Not only are there benefits with increased memory and enhanced organizational skills, but it’s pretty fun to brag to all your friends about how awesome you sound on the electric guitar or upright piano.

Why National Music in Our Schools Month is Important

  1. Music can make you smarter

    Studies have shown that music helps to wake your brain up. There’s also been research that indicates listening to music may be linked to increased academic scores. So, the next time you need some serious brainpower, try turning on Mozart.

  2. Music helps you relax

    We can all use a little relaxation in our lives. Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can be a fantastic stress reducer. If you feel overwhelmed, put on some soothing, classical music and feel the tension melt away.

  3. Musical education increases college acceptance rates

    Researchers believe that there is a link between musical appreciation and test scores. One study indicated that students who have received exposure to music education scored significantly higher SAT scores than their non-music listening counterparts.

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