The Latest List of Holidays 2023

We Love Holidays! Here are 65 holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 27 Saturday
National Geographic Day National Geographic Day Hobbies & ActivitiesNature & EnvironmentPhotography
January 28 Sunday
National Daisy Day National Daisy Day CauseEnvironment
February 2 Friday
World Wetlands Day World Wetlands Day Nature & Environment
February 27 Tuesday
International Polar Bear Day International Polar Bear Day CauseEnvironmentWildlife
February 28 Wednesday
Floral Design Day Floral Design Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
March 3 Sunday
World Wildlife Day World Wildlife Day CauseEnvironmentWildlife
March 18 Monday
Biodiesel Day Biodiesel Day Nature & Environment
National Biodiesel Day National Biodiesel Day CauseEducationalEnvironmentTechnology
March 20 Wednesday
Snowman Burning Day Snowman Burning Day Hobbies & ActivitiesNature & EnvironmentSeasons
March 21 Thursday
International Day of Forests International Day of Forests EnvironmentalAwarenessEducational
March 22 Friday
World Water Day World Water Day CauseEnvironment
March 28 Thursday
Weed Appreciation Day Weed Appreciation Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
March 29 Friday
Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day Nature & Environment
April 3 Wednesday
Find A Rainbow Day Find A Rainbow Day Nature & Environment
April 22 Monday
Earth Day Earth Day CauseAwarenessEnvironment
April 24 Wednesday
National Arbor Day National Arbor Day EnvironmentalEducationalEnvironment
April 26 Friday
Richter Scale Day Richter Scale Day Nature & Environment
May 8 Wednesday
Iris Day Iris Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
May 9 Thursday
World Migratory Bird Day World Migratory Bird Day CauseEnvironmentWildlife
May 10 Friday
Mother Ocean Day Mother Ocean Day Nature & EnvironmentOcean Water
May 15 Wednesday
National Endangered Species Day National Endangered Species Day CauseConservationEnvironmentWildlife
May 19 Sunday
May Ray Day May Ray Day Nature & Environment
May 22 Wednesday
International Day for Biological Diversity International Day for Biological Diversity CauseConservationEnvironmentInternationalScienceUN
May 29 Wednesday
Learn About Composting Day Learn About Composting Day CauseActivitiesConservationEducationalEnvironment
June 3 Monday
World Bicycle Day World Bicycle Day HealthActivitiesEnvironmentFitnessGlobalHobbyInternational
Chimborazo Day Chimborazo Day Nature & Environment
June 5 Wednesday
World Environment Day World Environment Day CauseClimate ChangeConservationEnvironmentGlobal FocusHealthWildlife
June 6 Thursday
Trails Day Trails Day ForestNature & Environment
June 8 Saturday
World Oceans Day World Oceans Day CauseEnvironmentGlobal FocusInternational
June 12 Wednesday
Red Rose Day Red Rose Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & FlowersRose
June 18 Tuesday
Dump The Pump Day Dump The Pump Day Nature & Environment
June 20 Thursday
National American Eagle Day National American Eagle Day CauseAmericanConservationEnvironmentWildlife
June 21 Friday
National Aboriginal Day National Aboriginal Day EnvironmentalInternationalCanadianCivicHistoricalObscure
Daylight Appreciation Day Daylight Appreciation Day Hobbies & ActivitiesNature & Environment
June 27 Thursday
Orange Blossom Day Orange Blossom Day Food & DrinkNature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
July 11 Thursday
World Population Day World Population Day CauseAwarenessConservationEducationalEnvironmentGlobal FocusUN
July 13 Saturday
International Rock Day International Rock Day Items & ThingsMineralsNature & Environment
July 18 Thursday
World Listening Day World Listening Day Special InterestActivitiesCreativeEnvironmentGlobalMusic
July 29 Monday
Rain Day Rain Day Nature & EnvironmentWeather
August 11 Sunday
Mountain Day Mountain Day EnvironmentalActivitiesCulturalEnvironmentFamilyHistorical
August 22 Thursday
World Plant Milk Day World Plant Milk Day Food & BeverageEnvironmentFoodHealthy Food
August 24 Saturday
Vesuvius Day Vesuvius Day Nature & Environment
August 25 Sunday
National Secondhand Wardrobe Day National Secondhand Wardrobe Day CauseEnvironment
August 27 Tuesday
Petroleum Day Petroleum Day Nature & EnvironmentScience & Technology
September 22 Friday
National Elephant Appreciation Day National Elephant Appreciation Day EnvironmentalWildlife
National Temperature Control Day National Temperature Control Day SeasonalEnvironment
September 26 Tuesday
National Public Lands Day National Public Lands Day EnvironmentalCivic
September 27 Wednesday
National Crush Day National Crush Day EnvironmentalCivic
October 1 Sunday
National Fire Pup Day National Fire Pup Day AnimalDogEnvironmentPetPet Health
October 4 Wednesday
World Animal Day World Animal Day AnimalEnvironmentPetWildlife
October 14 Saturday
‚ÄčNational Fossil Day ‚ÄčNational Fossil Day EnvironmentalEducationalHistorical
October 15 Sunday
International ShakeOut Day International ShakeOut Day EnvironmentalHealth
November 15 Wednesday
National Recycling Day National Recycling Day EnvironmentalAwarenessEducationalEnvironment
November 17 Friday
National Hiking Day National Hiking Day EnvironmentalHealthWildlife
November 19 Sunday
National Camp Day National Camp Day EnvironmentalActivitiesChildrenFamilyWildlife
December 4 Monday
World Wildlife Conservation Day World Wildlife Conservation Day Nature & Environment
December 5 Tuesday
World Soil Day World Soil Day Nature & Environment
December 11 Monday
International Mountain Day International Mountain Day CauseEnvironment
April 1 Monday
Keep America Beautiful Month Keep America Beautiful Month CauseCivicEducationalEnvironment
National Garden Month National Garden Month EnvironmentalFunHealthActivitiesEnvironmentLifestyle
June 1 Saturday
International Mud Month International Mud Month Items & ThingsNature & Environment
Great Outdoors Month Great Outdoors Month Nature & Environment
July 3 Wednesday
Clean Beaches Week Clean Beaches Week EnvironmentalConservationEnvironmentFunGiving BackGlobal FocusSummerSustainabilityWildlife
July 20 Saturday
National Moth Week National Moth Week AnimalClimate ChangeConservationEnvironmentInsects
August 1 Thursday
Water Quality Month Water Quality Month Government & LegalNature & EnvironmentOcean Water
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