The Latest List of Holidays 2024

We Love Holidays! Here are 169 holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 7 Tuesday
National Bobblehead Day National Bobblehead Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
January 8 Wednesday
Joy Germ Day Joy Germ Day Countries & Cultures
National Bubble Bath Day National Bubble Bath Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
January 26 Sunday
Australia Day Australia Day AustraliaCountries & Cultures
January 27 Monday
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day FunObscureWeird National
January 28 Tuesday
National Kazoo Day National Kazoo Day FunChildrenMusic
National Lego Day National Lego Day FunChildrenHobbyParents
January 31 Friday
National Fun at Work Day National Fun at Work Day FunActivitiesWork
February 3 Monday
Doggy Date Night Doggy Date Night AnimalDogFunjoyLovePet
February 5 Wednesday
National Shower with a Friend Day National Shower with a Friend Day RelationshipFunnyRomance
February 7 Friday
National Bubble Gum Day National Bubble Gum Day FunCandyChildrenFood
February 8 Saturday
National Kite-Flying Day National Kite-Flying Day FunChildrenFamilyParents
February 25 Tuesday
Mardi Gras Mardi Gras CulturalActivitiesFestivitiesFoodFunHistorical
February 27 Thursday
National Pokemon Day National Pokemon Day Arts & EntertainmentFunPop Culture
February 28 Friday
Leap Year Day Leap Year Day Countries & Cultures
March 3 Monday
National If Pets Had Thumbs Day National If Pets Had Thumbs Day AnimalCatDogFunPet
March 10 Monday
Mario Day Mario Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunTechnology
National Landline Telephone Day National Landline Telephone Day FunActivitiesLifestyleTechnology
March 15 Saturday
Red Nose Day Red Nose Day CauseActivitiesBritishCivicFunny
March 17 Monday
Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Patrick’s Day Countries & CulturesIreland
March 18 Tuesday
Awkward Moments Day Awkward Moments Day Special InterestActivitiesFunny
March 19 Wednesday
National Let's Laugh Day National Let's Laugh Day FunBrandFriendship
March 27 Thursday
National Joe Day National Joe Day FunObscure
March 31 Monday
Eiffel Tower Day Eiffel Tower Day Countries & CulturesEurope
April 1 Tuesday
April Fools' Day April Fools' Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
April 3 Thursday
National Find a Rainbow Day National Find a Rainbow Day FunActivitiesMeteorological
World Party Day World Party Day FunActivitiesFamilyFriendship
April 4 Friday
D.A.R.E. Day D.A.R.E. Day Countries & CulturesGovernment & LegalLaws & Rights
April 7 Monday
National No Housework Day National No Housework Day FunObscure
April 13 Sunday
National Scrabble Day National Scrabble Day FunFamilyLifestyle
April 14 Monday
National Gardening Day National Gardening Day Fun
April 16 Wednesday
Wear Pajamas to Work Day Wear Pajamas to Work Day FunActivitiesWorkWorkplace
April 18 Friday
World Heritage Day World Heritage Day Countries & Cultures
National Haiku Poetry Day National Haiku Poetry Day FunActivitiesWriting
April 29 Tuesday
International Dance Day International Dance Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
April 30 Wednesday
International Jazz Day International Jazz Day Arts & EntertainmentFunCulturalMusic
May 8 Thursday
National Have a Coke Day National Have a Coke Day Special InterestBeverageBrandFun
May 11 Sunday
Accounting Day Accounting Day AccountantsJobs & Professions
National Eat What You Want Day National Eat What You Want Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFun
May 12 Monday
National Limerick Day National Limerick Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunny
May 13 Tuesday
Leprechaun Day Leprechaun Day Countries & Cultures
May 15 Thursday
National Pizza Party Day National Pizza Party Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFoodFunPizza
May 20 Tuesday
National Be a Millionaire Day National Be a Millionaire Day Special InterestActivitiesCareersFunLifestyle
May 22 Thursday
International Day for Biological Diversity International Day for Biological Diversity CauseConservationEnvironmentInternationalScienceUN
May 23 Friday
National Taffy Day National Taffy Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodFun
May 24 Saturday
National Scavenger Hunt Day National Scavenger Hunt Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
May 26 Sunday
National Paper Airplane Day National Paper Airplane Day Special InterestActivitiesFunHobbies
June 1 Saturday
International Tabletop Day International Tabletop Day Fun
June 2 Sunday
National Leave the Office Early Day National Leave the Office Early Day FunWorkWorkplace
June 5 Wednesday
National Donut Day National Donut Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFunSweet Food
June 6 Thursday
National Yo-Yo Day National Yo-Yo Day Special InterestActivitiesFunHistoricalHobbies
June 19 Wednesday
National Garfield the Cat Day National Garfield the Cat Day FunCatChildrenPop Culture
June 20 Thursday
American Eagle Day American Eagle Day AmericaBirdsCountries & Cultures
World Refugee Day World Refugee Day CauseGlobal FocusInternationalUN
June 21 Friday
National Selfie Day National Selfie Day Special InterestActivitiesFunSocial Media
World Day of Music World Day of Music FunClassical MusicGlobalInternationalMusic
June 22 Saturday
National Onion Ring Day National Onion Ring Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodFast FoodFoodFunVegetable
June 24 Monday
Midsummer Midsummer SeasonalActivitiesCulturalFun
June 26 Wednesday
National Take Your Dog to Work Day National Take Your Dog to Work Day AnimalDogFunPetWorkplace
June 27 Thursday
National Bingo Day National Bingo Day FunHobbyPop Culture
June 28 Friday
Paul Bunyan Day Paul Bunyan Day AmericaCountries & CulturesFamous PeoplePeople & Relationships
June 29 Saturday
National Camera Day National Camera Day ActivitiesConsumer ElectronicsFunHobbiesTechnology
June 30 Sunday
Social Media Day Social Media Day Special InterestActivitiesFunGlobalInternationalInternetMental HealthSocial Media
July 1 Monday
International Reggae Day International Reggae Day Countries & CulturesJamaican
International Joke Day International Joke Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunnyInternational
July 8 Monday
National Video Game Day National Video Game Day Special InterestActivitiesFunVideo Games
July 11 Thursday
National Free Slurpee Day National Free Slurpee Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageBrandFun
World Population Day World Population Day CauseAwarenessConservationEducationalEnvironmentGlobal FocusUN
July 12 Friday
National Eat Your Jello Day National Eat Your Jello Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBrandDessertFun
July 14 Sunday
National Nude Day National Nude Day CauseAwarenessCrazyEducationalFunHistoricalSummer
July 15 Monday
National Clean Beauty Day National Clean Beauty Day FunHealth
July 17 Wednesday
National Lottery Day National Lottery Day FinancialFunLifestyleShopping
July 18 Thursday
Nelson Mandela International Day Nelson Mandela International Day FederalInternationalGiving BackHistoricalUN
July 20 Saturday
National Lollipop Day National Lollipop Day Food & BeverageCandyFoodFunSweet Food
July 21 Sunday
National Junk Food Day National Junk Food Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFast FoodFoodFun
July 22 Monday
National Hammock Day National Hammock Day Special InterestActivitiesFunSummer
July 24 Wednesday
National Drive-Thru Day National Drive-Thru Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodFast FoodFoodFun
July 27 Saturday
Norfolk Day Norfolk Day BritishCountries & Cultures
July 30 Tuesday
International Day of Friendship International Day of Friendship RelationshipAppreciationFriendshipFunInternationalLoveMental Health
National Chili Dog Day National Chili Dog Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodFun
August 1 Thursday
Yorkshire Day Yorkshire Day BritishCountries & CulturesEurope
National Girlfriend Day National Girlfriend Day RelationshipFunLove
August 2 Friday
National Coloring Book Day National Coloring Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
National Friendship Day National Friendship Day RelationshipFriendshipFun
Psychic Day Psychic Day Countries & CulturesJobs & ProfessionsLife & LivingReligion & Belief
August 5 Monday
Regatta Day Regatta Day FunActivitiesCanadianCulturalFestivities
Work Like a Dog Day Work Like a Dog Day AnimalDogFunWork
August 6 Tuesday
India Pale Ale Day India Pale Ale Day BeerCountries & CulturesIndia
August 8 Thursday
National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day FunneighborZucchini
August 10 Saturday
National Lazy Day National Lazy Day FunActivities
August 12 Monday
Royal National Agricultural Show Day Royal National Agricultural Show Day FunFestivities
August 13 Tuesday
National Blame Someone Else Day National Blame Someone Else Day Fun
International Lefthanders Day International Lefthanders Day FunPop Culture
August 15 Thursday
Acadian Day Acadian Day Countries & Cultures
August 16 Friday
Rollercoaster Day Rollercoaster Day Countries & CulturesHobbies & Activities
National Roller Coaster Day National Roller Coaster Day FunChildrenSummer
August 21 Wednesday
Spumoni Day Spumoni Day Countries & CulturesFood & DrinkIce Cream
August 23 Friday
Cheap Flight Day Cheap Flight Day FunActivitiesFinancialTechnology
August 27 Tuesday
International Lottery Day International Lottery Day FunActivitiesFinancial
September 6 Friday
National Read a Book Day National Read a Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunWriting
September 7 Saturday
West Indian Day Parade West Indian Day Parade CulturalFestivitiesFun
September 14 Saturday
National Coloring Day National Coloring Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
September 19 Thursday
National Dance Day National Dance Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
September 20 Friday
National Punch Day National Punch Day Food & BeverageFunBeverage
September 24 Tuesday
Heritage Day Heritage Day FunCulturalEducationalFamilyHistorical
September 25 Wednesday
National Comic Book Day National Comic Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunPop Culture
September 27 Friday
National No Excuses Day National No Excuses Day FunCanadianLifestylePop Culture
October 1 Tuesday
National Hair Day National Hair Day FunCulturalFashion
October 2 Wednesday
National Name Your Car Day National Name Your Car Day FunFunnyWeird National
World Smile Day World Smile Day Special InterestActivitiesFunny
October 3 Thursday
National Boyfriend Day National Boyfriend Day RelationshipFunLove
National Kevin Day National Kevin Day FunObscure
October 5 Saturday
National Be Nice Day National Be Nice Day FunFamilyLifestyle
National Get Funky Day National Get Funky Day FunFunnyHealth
National Kiss a Wrestler Day National Kiss a Wrestler Day SportsFunny
Amazon Prime Day Amazon Prime Day FunConsumer ElectronicsShoppingSummerTechnology
October 6 Sunday
National Coaches Day National Coaches Day FunActivitiesChildrenParentsSports
National Mad Hatter Day National Mad Hatter Day FunCrazyFunnyPop Culture
​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day ​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day FamilyActivitiesChildrenFinancialFunny
October 7 Monday
​National Frappe Day ​National Frappe Day Food & BeverageFunnyPop Culture
October 10 Thursday
National Hug a Drummer Day National Hug a Drummer Day CareerFunMusicPop Culture
October 11 Friday
National Kimberly Day National Kimberly Day FunFunny
October 12 Saturday
Native American Day Native American Day AmericaCountries & Cultures
National Kick Butt Day National Kick Butt Day HealthActivitiesFunny
October 13 Sunday
National M&M Day National M&M Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFestivitiesFunny
National Transfer Money to Your Son Day National Transfer Money to Your Son Day FunEducationalFamily
October 15 Tuesday
National Grouch Day National Grouch Day FunPop Culture
​National I Love Lucy Day ​National I Love Lucy Day FunFunnyPop Culture
October 17 Thursday
National Mulligan Day National Mulligan Day FunActivitiesSports
October 19 Saturday
National New Friends Day National New Friends Day RelationshipActivitiesFriendshipFun
October 20 Sunday
National Day on Writing National Day on Writing EducationActivitiesFunWriting
October 23 Wednesday
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day FunActivitiesWorkWorkplace
October 30 Wednesday
National Text Your Ex Day National Text Your Ex Day RelationshipCulturalFunnyRomance
October 31 Thursday
Halloween Halloween FunActivitiesCandyChildrenCulturalFamilyFestivities
November 5 Tuesday
National Love Your Red Hair Day National Love Your Red Hair Day FunObscure
National Redhead Day National Redhead Day FashionFun
November 9 Saturday
Go to an Art Museum Day Go to an Art Museum Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesEducationalFun
November 11 Monday
National Metal Day National Metal Day Arts & EntertainmentFunnyMusicPop Culture
November 16 Saturday
Indiana Day Indiana Day AmericaCountries & Cultures
November 17 Sunday
National Take a Hike Day National Take a Hike Day FunHealthWildlife
November 18 Monday
National Princess Day National Princess Day FunChildrenPop Culture
November 20 Wednesday
African Industrialization Day African Industrialization Day AfricaCountries & CulturesLife & Living
November 24 Sunday
Native American Heritage day Native American Heritage day AmericaCountries & CulturesNative American
December 1 Sunday
National Christmas Lights Day National Christmas Lights Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
December 5 Thursday
International Ninja Day International Ninja Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
December 8 Sunday
Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day Fun
December 9 Monday
Techno Day Techno Day Countries & CulturesDanceHobbies & Activities
December 12 Thursday
​National Ding-A-Ling Day ​National Ding-A-Ling Day FunCrazyFamilyWeird National
Gingerbread House Day Gingerbread House Day SeasonalActivitiesFun
National Poinsettia Day National Poinsettia Day FunCatholicChristianCulturalFestivitiesHistorical
December 13 Friday
Choral Day Choral Day Countries & CulturesHobbies & ActivitiesMusic
National Horse Day National Horse Day AnimalActivitiesFunSports
December 14 Saturday
National Free Shipping Day National Free Shipping Day FunShopping
December 15 Sunday
National Cat Herders Day National Cat Herders Day FunCatPet
December 16 Monday
Day Of Reconciliation Day Of Reconciliation Countries & CulturesSouth Africa
December 20 Friday
National Ugly Sweater Day National Ugly Sweater Day SeasonalActivitiesFashionFun
December 31 Tuesday
New Year's Eve New Year's Eve CulturalFunHistorical
January 1 Wednesday
National Hobby Month National Hobby Month FunActivitiesHobbyLifestyle
February 1 Saturday
North American Inclusion Month North American Inclusion Month AmericaCountries & Cultures
March 1 Saturday
March Madness March Madness SportsFun
National Crafting Month National Crafting Month Special InterestActivitiesFunHobby
April 1 Tuesday
National Garden Month National Garden Month EnvironmentalFunHealthActivitiesEnvironmentLifestyle
National Humor Month National Humor Month FunFunny
June 1 Saturday
National Candy Month National Candy Month Food & BeverageCandyDessertFunSweet Food
July 3 Wednesday
Clean Beaches Week Clean Beaches Week EnvironmentalConservationEnvironmentFunGiving BackGlobal FocusSummerSustainabilityWildlife
July 1 Monday
National Ice Cream Month National Ice Cream Month Food & BeverageDessertFunIce CreamSummerSweet Food
September 1 Sunday
Hunger Action Month Hunger Action Month AmericaCountries & Cultures
November 1 Friday
National Novel Writing Month National Novel Writing Month FunActivitiesBooksWriting
Native American Heritage Month Native American Heritage Month Countries & CulturesNative American